Miriam Izquierdo

Burkina Miriam9How did you find Ung Film?
I was an Erasmus exchange student from Spain, and I remember somebody´s else fellow student told us about Ung Film.

What did you do at Ung Film?
I took three different courses: Cinema and lighting, Editing and Soundscape and Film Analysis.

What is your strongest memory of Ung Film?
At that time I was young and didn´t know much about cinema, specially independent cinema. I will always remember watching all those interesting movies that I would have never seen otherwise and Eva´s explanations. I remember specially Visitor Q and Songs From the Second Floor. I still have them in my computer in Spain. It was just amazing to have that chance for free (otherwise I wouldn´t have been able to afford paying for the movies)

What happened after you left?
I had to come back to Spain to do my last year of University. Then I got a job in the TV channel Telecinco, but I left after winning a mobility grant to work in film production company in London. Since then I have been living in countries such as Belgium and France, working for the media field and theater. For the last years I focused more in arts and media for the cooperation for development.

What are you doing now?
Unfortunately after the loss of my dad I had to come back to Madrid, my hometown. I was working as a freelance for film productions but as it was too little money I found a full time job as a hotel receptionist. I´m finishing my contract on the 15th of August so I am right now thinking what to do next.

Eva and Daniel: I remember you always with love and great memories. That was the happiest year of my life. Thanks so much for giving students from all countries and backgrounds the chance to learn more about cinema and furthermore about other cultures. You helped us to grow with a wider point of view, so important in the globalised world we live in. But besides, thanks for doing that with so much passion, love and respect.


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